Welcome to United Therapeutics ASSIST®

ASSIST, the Access Solutions and Support Team, is a United Therapeutics resource committed to help you access your prescribed United Therapeutics medications.

Support from the start

If you and your healthcare provider (HCP) decide that a United Therapeutics treatment is right for you, support will be available from the very beginning and as needed throughout your treatment. An ASSIST Associate will work with you, your HCP, and the Specialty Pharmacy (SP) to help you understand your insurance coverage, answer your questions, and discuss available financial assistance options.

Getting started on therapy

Select your treatment to learn more about what ASSIST has to offer:

Answer Your ASSIST Call

ASSIST will call to verify your insurance information, review the next steps, and discuss the available financial support programs for which you may be eligible.

The caller ID will be labeled as ASSIST, with a Melbourne, Florida, area code of 321.